reboot“Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things.” Col. 3:2 (NIV)

Chapter    (NIV)

Audio        (3:09)

As I begin my own devotion time in the morning, I often find that my mind is struggling with the events of the previous day, or perhaps old disappointments and temptations. It’s almost as if with each new day, my mind re-boots itself in a manner similar to a computer. When a computer re-boots, it restarts and goes to its default mode. Unfortunately, our default mode is often not where we want to start the day.

In this verse, Paul tells the Colossians that setting their minds on the things above is something they have to do. In other words, it’s not the default setting for our minds. The default setting for our minds is on earthly things like our professional career. This is why I believe it is so critical to have a devotional time in the morning. It allows us to go through the process of setting our minds on things above. It is something we must do not only daily, but often several times through the day.

The practice of medicine often has its times of intensity when emergencies are happening. As an Ob/Gyn, I’ve had more than my share of stat C-sections that focused my thinking on just getting through the section and saving a baby and possibly a mother. But after those episodes, taking just a few minutes to give thanks to the Lord for a successful outcome would automatically help to “re-set” my mind on things above.

Setting the mind on things above can be greatly enhanced by small habits through the day such as taking just a minute or two after seeing a patient to silently pray for them. If your schedule allows, taking 15-30 minutes over lunch to read and pray over some selected Scriptures will be very effective in re-setting your mind. Ken Boa has an excellent resource for this called Face to Face.

Prayer: Lord help me to first of all, set my mind on things above, not just in the morning, but throughout the day. Help me to recognize when my mind has shifted back to earthly things and to take the time to “re-set” my mind on you. Holy Spirit, remind me that you live within me so that I may practice your presence.

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