Eternal Perspective

Eternal perspective“For the things that are seen are transient, but the things that are unseen are eternal.” 2 Cor. 4:18 (ESV)

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A member of my wife’s family was a surgeon who attained fame around the world at the height of his career. He would often travel internationally to lecture on surgical procedures he had developed. His work also benefitted his home hospital so that at the end of his career, they commissioned a bust to be made of him and named the outpatient surgery wing after him. Twenty years later, they remodeled that same section of the hospital and removed his bust, renaming that same area after someone else. Now, there are no traces of the memory of this once great surgeon. We may be able to attain fame in our professional career, but that fame will be temporary.

Paul reminds us of that fact here. Everything we see around us will eventually pass away. The homes we build and so diligently care for won’t last forever. The cars we value will eventually be turned to rust. Even the offices and hospitals we work in are temporary structures that will inevitably be torn down or replaced.

It’s easy for us to get attached to our physical belongings and forget that they are temporary. Instead of making our home into our source of security and identity, we should remind ourselves that our home in this world is temporary. This will help us prioritize how we should spend our precious time, talent and treasure, giving proper consideration to one entity will last throughout eternity…people.

Though our bodies will change and the nature of our existence will be drastically altered, every person you encounter will exist in 10,000 years. Some will exist in inexpressible joy with the Lord, and others in unspeakable despair and loneliness, having chosen to reject the Lord. Paul chose to live his life dedicated to bringing as many people into heaven as he could. When we choose to invest our time, talent and treasure on people, we are making an eternal investment that we may have the opportunity to encounter again…even in 10,000 years.

Prayer: Lord, I need You to remind me regularly that the physical possessions I have and want will eventually pass away. Lead me today toward the eternal investments you want me to make. 

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