Our battle

This Present Darkness“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.”        Eph. 6:12 (ESV)

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In 1986, while working in a ski factory, Frank Peretti wrote This Present Darkness, his first novel. It went on to become a best seller, selling over 2 million copies worldwide. The book deals graphically with the issue of spiritual warfare, with compelling descriptions of the ongoing battle between angels and demons within the spiritual realm. I absolutely loved reading it!

Paul uses “this present darkness” in the above verse to describe our current world. Paul saw our world as existing in darkness because that is how God sees our world. The term is used many times throughout the New Testament to describe a condition of ignorance of divine things. Our world is increasingly ignorant of the things of God and morally bankrupt.

As Christian physicians, we must first of all remember that this is the true condition of our world. We must not allow ourselves to be drawn into the thinking of the world that emphasizes relativism, individual autonomy, and the gratification of our immediate desires. The world is temporary and will eventually pass away.

We have the wonderful privilege of being in a position to be light in this darkness. We can do that in a very profound way. We can allow Christ to shine through us into the world. As true believers, we are each indwelled by the Holy Spirit who seeks to manifest Christ. We don’t have to put forth extra effort to “be nice” to our patients and colleagues. We simply allow the Holy Spirit to shine through us.

However, preparation is required for us to manifest the Holy Spirit and Christ in our lives. That preparation includes spending time with God and actively taking up the cross to make sure that we get ourselves out of the way. It requires learning to trust and rest in Him. These things can be done by anyone who truly desires to manifest Christ in their lives. That decision is yours…and can be made today!

Prayer: Lord I desire to be a light that shines in this dark world. Help me to get out of the way so that you can shine through me.

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One Response to Our battle

  1. Gabriel Toma says:

    Way to go, Sir!
    Just the subject of my thoughts and meditation in the last few weeks.
    I hear so much vulgarity and profanity at work from almost everyone around me.
    I feel like a stranger and a fish out of water. I have been quiet and wondering how best to be light without being obnoxious.
    Thank you so much for this timely word and prayer.
    Keep it coming, my dear brother.

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