hope“But godliness with contentment is great gain…” 1 Tim. 6:6 (ESV)

Chapter         (ESV)

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A recent Gallop poll on the state of the American workplace found that 70% of American workers are either unengaged or actively disengaged in their work. In other words, the vast majority of American workers do not enjoy their work. Only 30% of American workers are actively engaged in what they do to make a living. Gallop found that far fewer physicians are actively disengaged with their work than any other profession.

Because we spend so much of our time at our workplace, achieving contentment in life is extremely difficult if we hate what we do for a living. Fortunately, as Gallop found, physicians as a group are the least likely to hate their work.

However, Paul is not just speaking of contentment alone. He also mentions godliness along with contentment. It is possible to be content in a life that is completely devoid of God. Paul is telling Timothy that Christians should strive to be content in a life that exhibits godliness.

A godly life with contentment is great gain!

Discontent can arise from several sources for us as physicians. Materialistically, we can desire more possessions, or more luxurious possessions and thus experience discontent. Professionally, we can become discontent because we feel we are not receiving the recognition we deserve either from our colleagues or from our patients. We can even feel discontent in our walk with the Lord because we believe we have somehow missed His will for our lives.

If you have drifted from His will, He will bring you back to that will in His timing and in His own way as long as you place your life under His control. Each of us is a work in progress and all that He desires is for us to continually give our lives to Him. If you have been faithfully following God, you can be content in the knowledge that He has you right where He wants you.

Contentment is found by resting in His sovereignty and being satisfied with the life He has given us.

Prayer- Lord, help me to find and root out any areas of discontent in my life. Help me to see any changes I need to make so that I can experience the joy and contentment found in living a godly life. 

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