Relying on God

In the hands of God“Thus the men of Israel were subdued at that time, and the men of Judah prevailed, because they relied on the Lord, the God of their fathers.”         2 Chronicles 13:18 (ESV)

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Our natural tendency is to rely on what we can see in front of us. Because of that, as Christian healthcare professionals, it is easy for us to rely on our professional abilities rather than upon the Lord. We can forget that it is the Lord that gives us those abilities.

If the men of Judah had relied on what was seen, they would have been defeated and conquered by the northern kingdom of Israel because they were outnumbered two to one! But in spite of overwhelming odds, they were successful in battle because they relied on something beyond their vision…they relied on the Lord.

If we rely only on what is seen and not on the Lord who is unseen, we take away the opportunity for God to reveal His faithfulness to us. We remove the prospect for God to grow our faith and work in our lives.

Reliance is built slowly, day by day. It doesn’t suddenly develop in the face of an emergency. It develops over time as we submit to His will and watch Him work in our lives. We learn reliance through obedience because we see that God can be trusted.

Building reliance means that there will be times during which God will ask you to take a chance. It will be an opportunity into which you feel the Lord leading you, but an opportunity that doesn’t necessarily make sense if you only look at what is seen.

If the Lord is leading you into an opportunity that requires faith…don’t be afraid to take it!

Relying on God also means making that reliance known. The leader of Judah made it clear that they were relying on God so that He would receive the glory for the victory. When God grants us success in our practice of medicine or in our medical ministry, we shouldn’t hesitate to testify that ultimately our success comes from Him, not us.

Be open to the possibility that God is working in your life through circumstances or struggles to make you more reliant on Him.

Prayer: Lord teach me to be more reliant on You through this day.

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