Growing in the Spirit

Cedar Tree“The righteous flourish like the palm tree and grow like a cedar in Lebanon.” Ps. 92:12 (ESV)

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2014 is just two days away and with the New Year comes the tradition of making New Year resolutions. According to Wikipedia, people have been making resolutions at the New Year since the time of the Babylonians. The number of people making resolutions has actually increased in the past generation. After the Great Depression, only about 25% of people made a New Years resolution, whereas in 2000, 40% of adults participated.

The top resolution in 2012 was weight loss, followed by getting organized, and saving more money came in third. Interestingly, none of the top ten resolutions for 2012 had anything to do with spirituality or personal faith.

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal reported that a whopping 88% of New Year resolutions end up failing. The reason for this high failure rate is that most New Year resolutions involve significant change. And significant change requires sustained will power over a long period of time.

When someone makes a New Year’s resolution, they expect that change to occur within a few weeks. However, our will power is limited and unable to bring about marked change in that short period of time. The researchers found that success in keeping New Year’s resolutions was increased if the person recognized their weak will and spread out their goal throughout the year.

The reality is that we can change…but we only change slowly.

This applies to our walk with the Lord as well.

Growth in our walk with the Lord does not usually come in large steps, but rather in very small imperceptible steps.

Just as the Psalmist tells us in today’s verse, the righteous grow like a cedar tree. The growth is continual…slow…invisible.

This is one reason I’ve decided to change the format of this devotional. Instead of dealing with random topics with each post, with the start of the New Year, I’m going to begin organizing the posts in a sequential format, with each one building on what has been written previously.

The goal will remain the same…a closer walk with Jesus…one step at a time.

With that…I wish you a Happy New Year!

Prayer: Lord as I look ahead into this next year, help me to make growing closer in my walk with You a priority. 

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One Response to Growing in the Spirit

  1. rucel says:

    amen,,closer walk with God and it will result like cedar in lebanon!…the more we closer to Him the more we get a good and fruitful result..(Intimacy with God)

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