Satisfy your thirsty heart

Thirsty heart“Satisfy us in the morning with your steadfast love, that we may rejoice and be glad all our days.” Ps. 90:14    (ESV)

Chapter         (ESV)

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This week I have been writing about our God-placed critical need for love and acceptance, focusing on various illegitimate ways we may use to satisfy that need. I now want to turn to how we should legitimately satisfy that need. The Psalmist gives us several clues.

The psalmist first instructs us to ask God to satisfy that love.

God doesn’t automatically satisfy our need for love because He wants us to recognize two things. First, He wants us to recognize we have that need within us, and second He wants us to come to the realization that only He can ultimately satisfy that need.

Therefore, the first step toward having God satisfy our need for love and acceptance is to recognize that need and how it unconsciously drives so much of what we say and do. That’s why it’s important to examine our sinful patterns of meeting that need.

We can’t ask God for something until we realize we truly need it.

Jesus tells us that everyone who asks…receives.

The Psalmist also specifically mentions that we should make this request in the morning.

Each morning we should ask to drink deeply from His love and satisfy our thirst. That means that as we ask…we should be prepared to drink. To drink from His love means to spend time with Him. If we expect our request to be filled within a 5-10 minute devotional time…we are mistaken. Just as we spend extended time with our loved ones…we should learn to spend extended time with Him in order to satisfy our thirsty hearts.

If we satisfy our hearts with His love early in the morning, we will be less inclined through the day to return to our sinful methods of satisfying that need.

It is a process…meaning it will take some time. It doesn’t happen in the first day, or week. But slowly over time, as you learn to drink deeply from His love, you will find your attachment to illegitimate sources of love begin to lessen and change.

Your thirsty heart will finally be quenched.

Prayer: Lord help me to recognize how I’ve sought to satisfy my need for love through wrong means and teach me to drink deeply from Your love each morning. 

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