The Eyes of My Heart

openeyes with heart“I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened, that you may know the hope to which He has called you, the riches of His glorious inheritance in his holy people, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.”              Eph. 1:18  (NIV)

Chapter         (NIV)

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These past two weeks, I’ve been writing about our God placed needs. So far, I’ve mentioned two of them…our need for love and acceptance, and our need for worth or identity.

These are important and deep concepts. It is important that we not rush through them without giving them the time and attention they deserve.

One of the realities about spiritual growth is that truths must penetrate our hearts, not just our intellect.

This is the reason for Paul’s prayer in the verse above. Notice Paul didn’t pray that these believers intellect would be enlightened. He already assumed that.

Instead, Paul prayed for their heart.

As healthcare professionals, when we hear the word “heart” we think of a 4-chambered muscle pumping regularly in our chests. But Scripture uses the word heart in an entirely different fashion. Scripturally speaking, the heart is the seat of understanding. An example is Mark 6:52 where the writer states that the reason the disciples did not fully understand the miracle of the feeding of the 5000 was that their hearts (kardia) were hardened.

Understanding spiritual concepts like our God-placed needs requires that we allow them to penetrate our “hearts”. We must move beyond an intellectual understanding of this truth to an experiential understanding.

In order to gain an experiential understanding of your God-placed needs, you need to feel those needs.

Unfortunately, we often anesthetize ourselves from the pain of unmet needs. This causes us to stop feeling those needs. That’s why it is important to spend significant time considering, thinking about, and meditating upon these God placed needs.

As you go through today and tomorrow, spend some time thinking through your need for love and your need for worth. Try to make sure you are aware of those needs and begin to further investigate how you’ve been meeting those needs up to now.

Then consider journaling about what you’ve discovered.

Prayer: Lord, open the eyes of my heart to recognize my need for love and worth and show me how I’ve wrongly sought to satisfy them. 

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4 Responses to The Eyes of My Heart

  1. John Rue says:

    Good writing, Jeff. Our neo-cortex doesn’t do our deepest thinking, our limbic center does — it’s the language of the heart which doesn’t speak English where our deepest intentions and thinking happens according to Hebrews 4:12. God help us incline our hearts toward you to meet our deepest needs — shoot, I hardly even know what they are but you do.

  2. Too often we go about filling that need for love with transitory things. And before we know it, the search is on again, for it didn’t last long. In order to fill, we have to take care about what we fill the heart with. For it is within the eternal, that fills the empty, nourishes the sick, and lifts the downtrodden. And it is from this full heart, we want to share this new found love with our brothers, that they may feel and know… they are loved too. Oh the things only God can do. * smiles*

  3. Jeff says:

    You are so right Sharon…whatever we use to fill our hearts outside of Him is so transitory! Yes we need to learn that lesson again and again!

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