Biblical Meditation-2

praying hands“I have more understanding than all my teachers, for your testimonies are my meditation.” Ps. 119:99 (ESV)

Chapter         (ESV)

Audio              (15:42)

Today the Psalmist tells us two things about meditation.

First, meditation helps us gain understanding.

Second, one of the primary subjects we should meditate on is the testimonies of the Lord. For us today, that is the Bible.

I am a novice in meditation…but I’m learning to love it more with practice. In Celebration of Discipline, Richard Foster writes, “Christian meditation, very simply, is the ability to hear God’s voice and obey His word.”

In other words, meditation is another form of communication with God besides prayer.

As Holy Spirit indwelled believers, when we spend time meditating on Scripture, we allow the Holy Spirit to use Scripture to speak to our inner spirit. We ask questions of the Holy Spirit and wait for answers. We ruminate on a passage, asking for clarification and explanation. We turn the passage over in our minds and spend time thinking about the verse from several perspectives.

One way to enhance our meditation is to use the God-given gift of imagination. If we are meditating on a story within Scripture, we can imagine ourselves as one of the characters in the story. We can imagine that we are the person having an encounter with Jesus.

We can also use our imagination to apply a truth of Scripture to a current situation in our lives. We can take that truth and imagine Jesus teaching it to us and think deeply how He would apply that truth to our personal situation.

Foster also describes a form of meditation in which we spend time meditating on current events. For us in healthcare, this can mean meditating about some ethical dilemma facing us. We search the Scripture to find what God says and feels about the issue, and then seek how God would desire for us to respond.

Since meditation involves not just our intellectual selves, but also our heart as we learned Monday, we should allow our emotions to enter into our meditation. Remember, the most important aspect of meditation is connecting closely with the indwelling Holy Spirit and listening to His inner prompting and guiding.

Like the rest of the spiritual disciplines, learning meditation will take practice.

Prayer: Lord, give me the time and opportunity to learn more how to meditate on Your word.

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