The Fruit of Wisdom

Loving God (from 2012-macbook-air)“Then you will understand what is right and just 
and fair—every good path. For wisdom will enter your heart,
 and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul. Discretion will protect you, 
and understanding will guard you.”          Proverbs 2:9-11 (NIV)

Chapter         (NIV)

Audio              (1:53)

I’ve spent the past couple of weeks examining what Scripture has to say about the topic of wisdom and how it applies to living our life. This week I want to finish with an examination of the fruit of wisdom.

What will growing in wisdom do for my life?

In today’s verse, the writer of Proverbs tells us first of all that as wisdom enters our hearts, it will be pleasant to our souls.

The word translated as pleasant also means to bring delight or be sweet.Wisdom and its associated knowledge bring pleasure, delight and sweetness to our life.

This pleasure is not superficial because it is pleasant to our soul…the deep and real part of who we are.

This pleasure will be rich and lasting.

The writer also points out that this wisdom and knowledge bring with it discretion, or the ability to properly make choices in our life.

What an important and critical gift!

After all…isn’t what often brings pain and regret into our lives our own poor choices? We make a rash decision without prayer and careful consideration of all the potential ramifications. Later we may come to regret that decision but we are still shouldered with its results.

Discretion is definitely under-valued.

Growing in wisdom will allow us to possess and use discretion and thus save us a great deal of pain and heartache.

The writer here tells us that discretion will protect us. It will protect us from being wrongly influenced by the world and those around us.

Discretion protects us because it entails understanding.

It is an understanding of the world as it really is…in rebellion against God and in need of redemption.

When we forget that…we make poor choices.

So here we find two profound benefits from wisdom…deep and rich pleasure to our soul and the gift of discretion to keep us from making poor decisions.

A good beginning as we seek to mine the riches of wisdom.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for how you richly reward us when we gain wisdom.

Continue to help me grow in wisdom…even today.

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