The Holy Spirit as Tutor

Indwelling Holy Spirit“When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come.” John 16:13 (ESV)

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In addition to bearing witness with our spirit of our relationship to God as I wrote yesterday, the indwelling Holy Spirit is our teacher.

He guides us into all truth.

Within all of us is a God-placed desire to know what is true. We seek what is true in the field of medicine and in our specialties. We seek what is true regarding the world around us.

We seek what is true about God…and God the Holy Spirit is our tutor.

However, the Holy Spirit teaches us truth differently than we might expect. Initially, we might expect and hope for Him to simply pour truth into our spirit while we are asleep or going about our normal activities during the day.

In addition…we want that truth…now!

But that is not the way of the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit teaches us truth in His own time and in His own way.

We forget that the truth we need to learn from the Holy Spirit is not simply facts…but concepts and principles.

Concepts and principles are best taught through experience.

Thus the Holy Spirit imparts truth to us through the experiences of our life.

Often, the most powerful lessons we learn are through negative experiences.

In the midst of pain…the Holy Spirit has our full attention.

When our emotions are fully engaged…we will clearly remember the experience.

But just because we go through a painful experience doesn’t mean that we will learn what the Holy Spirit wants to teach us.

To learn what the Holy Spirit wants to teach us, we must turn to Him and listen with our pain-filled hearts.

At the time of His choosing, He will impart to you the truth you need to learn. And with that truth, He will also give comfort.

Don’t waste the painful experiences of your life by pushing away the pain and the Holy Spirit.

Embrace them both so that you can grow into the truth and be transformed into the image of Christ.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, open the eyes of my heart to Your truth in the midst of difficult times.

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