Developing our spiritual gifts

Developing spiritual gifts“Now concerning spiritual gifts, brothers, I do not want you to be uninformed.” 1 Cor. 12:1 (ESV)

Chapter         (ESV)

Audio              (3:24)

It is clear from today’s verse that the Apostle Paul clearly wanted his brothers and sisters…including us…to fully understand our spiritual gifts. To do that, we must first of all understand how we are gifted by the Holy Spirit.

I dealt with that topic yesterday.

Next, it is critical to learn how to best develop those spiritual gifts.

In The Dynamics of Spiritual Gifts, William McRae gives us three ways to develop our spiritual gifts.

First of all, as we begin to discover our spiritual gifts, we should look for opportunities to exercise those gifts. Depending on the gift, those opportunities may be within the home, the church, or they may be gifts we exercise within our professional workplace.

God may provide spiritual gifts that we can use within the practice of medicine, but He may also want us to use those gifts outside of medicine. If God has gifted us in a particular way…He will provide opportunities for us to use that gift.

At first, some opportunities to use our spiritual gift may cause anxiety because they involve activities we’ve never experienced before.

That’s God stretching us…a favorite pastime of His.

Second, as we begin to use our spiritual gift, we can further develop that gift by seeking evaluation from trusted others. We need to be open to feedback and suggestions and careful not to take offense with criticism.

The Lord will use others within the Body to help us mold, polish and sharpen our gift.

Finally, we can enhance and develop our spiritual gift through education. We are not the first to use our gifts. Many others have gone before us and some have written books and other resources regarding that gift. There may even be some resources within the secular world that may be useful if read and digested properly.

One of the greatest joys of walking with the Lord is discovering and growing within our spiritual gifts. This is when we experience His pleasure and know that we are accomplishing His will according to His plan.

Don’t assume your only spiritual gifts are found in medicine.

Discover and develop all the gifts God has prepared for you.

Prayer: Holy Spirit, continue to help me discover and develop all the gifts You have prepared for me.

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