The temptations of the world

Lust of the eyes“For all that is in the world—the desires of the flesh and the desires of the eyes and pride of life—is not from the Father but is from the world.”         1 John 2:16 (ESV)

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In today’s verse, the Apostle John writes that all temptations of the world can be placed into categories depending on how they appeal to us. There are two categories of desire and a third category of pride.

The first category is desires of the flesh.

These are the cravings of our sinful nature.

If we are honest with ourselves…we all crave things that we know we shouldn’t.

Natural desires such as our desires for food and sex can become cravings that draw us into sinful activity. Or we can develop cravings for alcohol or drugs that appeal to our sinful nature and pull us away from the Lord.

The cravings that we experience may differ from others…but we all have cravings.

Even as physicians…we have those cravings.

We must recognize them…admit them…and resist them…with the help of the Spirit.

If we don’t overcome those cravings…they will overcome us.

The second category is the desire of the eyes.

We see something or someone…and we can begin to desire that thing or person.

Our eyes can quickly lead us into materialism, gluttony, sexual immorality or other sins.

Our eyes easily excite our desires and therefore must be controlled.

It is our choice whether to keep on looking or to look away.

It is our choice to give in to that desire…

We must recognize what excites our eyes…and learn to look away with the help of the Spirit.

If we don’t look away…those desires will control us.

The third category is the pride of life.

Pride is the worst sin…it is the sin of Satan.

Pride believes we are better than others.

Pride believes we ourselves are responsible for who we are.

Pride believes I deserve what I have.

Pride looks down…

Pride dismisses…

Pride judges…

Pride competes…

Just because we are in medicine doesn’t mean that we aren’t susceptible to these temptations.

The fact is…we are probably more susceptible…

Recognize…resist…repent…with the help of our Helper.

Prayer: Lord, I’m surrounded by things and people who could easily draw me away from you. Help me recognize, resist and repent of these temptations.

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