The Christ-planned life

choosingFor whoever would save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for my sake will find it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul?”               Mt. 16:25,26 (ESV)

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There is much about following Jesus that is counter-intuitive.

In today’s verses Jesus tells us that if we seek to save our own lives…we will end up losing them. But if we seek to lose our life for His sake…we will find life.

All through our lives, often on a daily basis, we are making plans.

We plan our medical education.

We plan our professional career.

We plan our family and personal life.

It is the way of the world to plan…but Jesus calls us to something different.

Jesus calls us to plan with Him.

Monday I wrote about the final orders that Jesus gave to us before He ascended into heaven. We call those orders the Great Commission.

We are commanded to go…make disciples…baptize…and teach them about Jesus.

If we plan our lives with Jesus, those plans will include components of the Great Commission. That’s because the orders He gave 2000 years ago still stand today.

Engaging in the Great Commission will cost us…

It will cost us time…energy…prestige…and most likely income.

But we always have a choice.

Each day we choose to live for ourselves…or we choose to live for Him.

He always leaves that choice up to us.

But He warns us of the consequences of that choice. If we choose to live for ourselves…we end up losing our life. If we choose to live for Him, while at times it may seem we are losing our life…in reality we are gaining it.

In medicine, we are fortunate to have a platform that allows us to impact those we encounter. Unfortunately, in medicine we also have an ability to “…gain the world.” We work in a profession that not only is highly profitable, but one that grants us profound and unearned respect.

The choices are radically different…and the choice is ours.

What will you exchange your life for?

The greatest worldly success you can achieve…or a Christ-planned life living out the Great Commission?

Prayer: Lord, help me include You in my plans and be willing to be used by You.

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