Solitude with God

waiting-on-the-lord1“In these days he went out to the mountain to pray, and all night he continued in prayer to God.”            Luke 6:12 (ESV)

Chapter         (ESV)

Audio              (6:28)

Followers of Jesus, by definition, seek to model their life after Jesus.

With that in mind, Luke 6 shows us 3 critical dimensions of Jesus’ life.

Today’s verse reveals the dimension of Jesus’ personal relationship with the Father.

Jesus regularly spent time in solitude and prayer with the Father.

Even though Jesus had all kinds of demands on His time from many hundreds of people, He regularly found time to spend in solitude with the Father.

Jesus knew that everything else in His life flowed out of this personal time with the Father.

In the same way, our relationship with God must be grounded in a one to one relationship with Him. We will not grow as a believer if our relationship with God is mediated solely through the church.

We must regularly spend time in solitude with God.

Ideally, this should be daily.

But if this is not possible, it should be regularly.

These times form the foundation of our relationship with God.

In our times of solitude… we experience His forgiveness.

We experience His acceptance.

We experience His presence.

We experience His love.

Through our times of solitude, we learn to trust Him in greater measure.

As Christian physicians, we are terribly busy with many people clamoring for our attention…often even in the middle of the night.

One of the ways that we can learn to trust the Lord is by asking Him to provide those times of solitude, even in the midst of a crazy schedule.

As a busy Ob/Gyn, I was often pleasantly surprised when after having a middle of the night delivery, I was wide-awake at 5 AM with an unplanned hour of time.

And it always seemed to come when I needed it most.

Our God is completely sovereign…He is in control of everything. Even as a busy physician, if you set your desire on Him, He will provide the time you need when you least expect it.

Prayer: help me carve out those spaces of solitude I so desperately need in the midst of my busy schedule.

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