Wisdom and understanding

Rainbow path by wyldraven

Rainbow path by wyldraven

“Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding…Her ways are ways of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace.” Proverbs 3:13,17 (ESV)

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Yesterday, I wrote about the importance of striving for peace or shalom in life.

In today’s verse, Solomon tells us that a life filled with wisdom and understanding is also a life filled with pleasantness and peace…shalom.

As we go through our medical education, the focus of our time and energy is gaining knowledge essential to practice medicine with competence.

But knowledge is different than wisdom.

Wisdom is the ability to take knowledge and use it in the way God desires.

Solomon possessed more knowledge than anyone in history…but he never fully developed wisdom since he abandoned God at the end of his life.

The life of Solomon reminds us that gaining wisdom is different than simply listening to a lecture or a sermon.

There is no such thing as a data dump for wisdom.

Wisdom grows at the intersection of knowledge, faith and experience.

Biblical knowledge…

Faith that trusts…

The experience of walking with Jesus…

In Prov. 2:4 Solomon teaches that we are to search for wisdom and understanding as we would for silver. In other words, if we want to gain wisdom and understanding, we have to work for them…plan for them.

Plan to increase our Biblical knowledge…

Plan to have our faith stretched…

Plan to consciously seek Jesus through each day…

The reason that many fail to find wisdom and understanding…and gain a life of pleasantness and peace…is that they fail to pursue God purposefully.

So as we begin this New Year, we have the potential of setting some goals for ourselves.

We can begin this year with a conscious decision…a decision to strategically develop certain habits that will increase our wisdom and understanding.

The decision is always ours…

Who knows…it may lead to new adventures.

Prayer: Lord, You are the Creator of the universe and I gain nothing without your assistance. Help me to be willing to do make any necessary changes in my life so that I can continue to grow in wisdom and understanding.

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