Walking by faith

Walking-1“…for we walk by faith, not by sight.”

2 Cor. 5:7 (ESV)

Chapter         (ESV)

Audio              (2:54)

This week, I’m focusing on the importance of faith. I’ve written about how lack of faith frustrates Jesus and how real faith impresses Jesus. Real faith is exemplified by the centurion who believed that Jesus was capable of something beyond what He had done up to that point. The centurion didn’t limit Jesus in what He could do.

In today’s verse, Paul gives us insight into another quality of real faith.

Real faith is being guided by something other than what we see.

When we walk by sight, we live our life solely in response to what we see and hear around us. We make our decisions on that basis and plan our lives as if the world we see is the only world there is.

We are living by sight if we live only for the accolades of our patients and colleagues. We are living by sight if we plan our lives only on the basis of our daily experience now. We are living by sight if we define achievement in the same way as the world defines achievement and only seek to impact this world and not the next.

Paul offers the believer an alternative.

Paul tells us that he lives by faith…not by sight. Paul looked beyond what he could see to make decisions regarding his actions and his future. Paul looked into the unseen spiritual world to evaluate his actions and make his plans. Paul cultivated the realization that there was more going on around him than what he could see.

Paul recognized two things.

Paul recognized that there is an unseen world and he recognized that this unseen world was more important than the world that is visible.

To live like this means relegating what is immediately evident and seen to what is unseen. It means recognizing that God has allowed us to practice medicine for an eternal impact that goes beyond the present.

Living by faith in this way is not easy…but it is worthwhile.

It is the unseen world that holds the key to joy and shalom, not the world we see around us.

Spend some time evaluating how much you are living by sight versus by faith.

Prayer: Lord help me to live like Paul…by faith…dependent upon You and not what I see. 

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2 Responses to Walking by faith

  1. Dr. Alton loveless says:

    Jeff, you shared some interesting insights today, thanks for the reminder

  2. Jeff says:

    Thanks Alton…as you know…He is the true source of ALL insight!

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