Our Spiritual Identity

fingerprintTherefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”                                 2 Cor. 5:17 (ESV)

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One of the results of spiritual growth is an increasing understanding of our spiritual identity. We not only come to understand that we have a spiritual identity, but we increasingly are able to accurately perceive that spiritual identity.

In other words, we increasingly see ourselves as God sees us.

Today’s verse tells us that when we come into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ… we become new creatures.

We are no longer who we once were.

Even though we’ve been given a new spiritual identity, we usually continue to see ourselves through our old identity. We are slow to grasp and integrate this new identity into our thinking and our perception of ourselves. But with practice and intention, over time we can begin to see ourselves differently as we remember that God now looks at us differently.

And how does God look at us as followers of Jesus?

When God looks at us…He sees Jesus.

He sees Jesus because we are now in Christ!

As we adjust to this new identity in Christ, we should begin to relate to God differently. We should develop a clearer vision of what a healthy spiritual life should look like.

In his book Conformed to His Image, Ken Boa quotes Howard Hendricks on a series of contrasts that help us understand the characteristics of a healthy spiritual life.

Hendricks says that the spiritual life is not:

a crisis but rather a continual process

based on knowledge but on obedience

external but internal

automatic but cultivated

the product of energy but of divine enablement

a dream but a discipline

an unusual experience but a normal experience

a list of rules but a life relationship

to be endured but enjoyed

theoretical but intensely practical.

Take some time today to review this list from Howard Hendricks and compare it with your current view of a spiritual life.

What areas stand out that need to change?

Prayer- Lord, show me how I need to adjust my view of myself and my relationship to You to move toward a more healthy spiritual life.

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