Soul food

bread of life“Jesus said to them, ‘I am the bread of life; whoever comes to me shall not hunger, and whoever believes in me shall never thirst.’” John 6:35 ESV

Chapter         (ESV)

Audio              (8:12)

We each have a hunger within our souls. We often try to satisfy that hunger with things in this world. When we do, we become focused on earthly things and Paul tells us that our stomach becomes our god.

But there is a much better alternative…we can satisfy our soul hunger with Jesus.

When Jesus spoke the words of today’s verse, His hearers could not easily comprehend what He was saying. Many took Him to mean the bread that feeds our body, and therefore they were quite confused.

But Jesus wasn’t saying that He was the food that feeds our body…He is the food that feeds our soul.

Not only is Jesus the food that feeds our soul, He is the only soul food that provides nourishment that is deep and lasting. Everything else we use to satisfy our soul hunger is like candy…it tastes sweet at first, but quickly disappears.

To begin satisfying our soul hunger with Jesus, we must first recognize how we are trying to slake the hunger of our soul. We must identify the people or things we are using instead of Jesus. For us in medicine it might be our achievements, the accolades we receive from patients, or our reputation as a good physician. It might be the material things we can purchase with our income, or it could be among the many illegitimate candies that surround us.

Once we identify our particular soul food, we need to begin going on a diet from those things and instead turn to Him.

We turn to Him by purposefully feeling that soul hunger…and consciously giving it to Him in prayer. We ask Him to satisfy that hunger…to show us how to increase our dependence on Him, repenting of our past efforts to be satisfied through earthly pursuits.

And in His own way…at His own time…He will come and provide the nourishment that our souls have longed for.

He is faithful…

He is full of grace…

He is full of mercy…

He will come and sup with us.

Prayer: Lord, show me how I have forsaken You for earthly bread and help me instead to come to You.

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