The Integrated life

Drawing by Myles Lorenzen

Drawing by Myles Lorenzen

“I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Phil. 4:13 (ESV)

Chapter         (ESV)

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This diagram was created by Myles Lorenzen and can be found in Ken Boa’s book, Conformed to His Image. The diagram vividly illustrates the integrated life that God desires for us.

Lorenzen divides our relational life into 4 quadrants. They are our relationship with God, our relationship with the body of Christ, our relationship with ourselves, and finally, our relationship with the world. Most importantly, these quadrants are not compartmentalized. They each grow out of our relationship with Christ.

Christ is at the center of our life…as He should be.

Putting Him at the center means putting Him in control.

Paul wrote that he could do all things through Jesus who strengthened Him. Paul was able to accomplish all that he did because he put his life under the control of Jesus. When called to the mission field…Paul obeyed. When refused entry into Bithynia, he sought the open door that God provided into Macedonia. And most astoundingly, when stoned…Paul got up and went back into the city.

Paul gave his whole life to Christ…not just part of it.

That’s where we can fall short…by giving only part of our life to Christ.

We let Him have Sunday’s and the “spiritual part” of our lives…but not everything.

That would be scary and risky…

Who knows where He might lead us…maybe even Africa.

And so we settle, allowing God the freedom to work within certain parts of our life…but erecting barriers to protect other areas.

That’s how we end up with a compartmentalized life. A life that is safe…a life that is secure…a life that resembles what we want.

But it is not a life in which we flourish.

It is a life that has some joy but is not joy-filled.

It is a life with some peace but is not peace-filled.

It is a life in which something feels missing.

That something is the sense of living completely in God’s will…fully doing what He wants us to do.

To arrive there, we have to completely let go of any control of our lives.

And that’s when the adventure begins…

Prayer: Lord show me where in my life I seek to maintain control…and give me the courage to trust fully in You.

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